Sexual Assault Accusations on Campus: What is a Title IX Investigation?

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyColleges and universities that are federally-funded have specific guidelines they must follow when allegations of sexual assault are made on campus. Specifically, they are required to conduct a Title IX investigation.

These investigations differ from criminal investigations from law enforcement, which are atogether separate. The goal of a Title IX investigation is to determine if sexual assault took place and if it did, what actions need to be taken in order to eliminate any threats and protect students from future potential assaults. For this post, we’re looking at how TItle IX investigations are conducted as well as covering the role that a criminal defense attorney plays during these investigations.

What Happens During a Title IX Investigation?

Title IX investigations are carried out by school or university officials, and often involve steps such as:

  • Interviewing the accused and the accuser at length
  • Questioning potential witnesses and affiliated parties
  • Reviewing all law enforcement documents
  • Carefully reviewing the academic and discipline records of all involved parties

Title IX investigations can take upwards of sixty days before they conclude, after which officials determine if measures such as suspension or expulsion are warranted.

Why You Need an Attorney When Dealing with a Title IX Investigation

As stated, these are not criminal investigations. This means that evidence used in these cases doesn’t have to meet the same standards as it would in a criminal investigation. Furthermore, hearings are not necessarily required, which could put individual parties at a significant disadvantage.

Those who are facing Title IX investigations are facing serious potential consequences. In these instances, the assistance of a skilled attorney is vital. A qualified legal professional can help protect your rights during every step of the investigation and ensure that all relevant details are carefully reviewed.

At the Jacot Law Firm, we work hard to protect our clients, whether they are accused in a formal criminal investigation or part of a TItle IX investigation at school. To learn more about what we do, give us a call directly at 209-463-1800, where you can schedule a free initial consultation.