Preparing for your Criminal Law Case: Steps to Take As Your Court Date Approaches

Stockton Criminal DefenseGoing up against criminal charges in California can be a nerve-wracking affair! To help, we at the Jacot Law Firm have compiled a few tips that you should follow as you prepare for your arrangement and eventual court date. To learn more about how we can help with your criminal case in CA, we welcome you to call our office at your earliest convenience.

Confirm to See What Charges Are Being Filed

Many people don’t always realize that the charges for which you are arrested and the charges that you eventually face in court are not always the same. Since the D. A.’s office has the burden of proof on their end, they may determine that evidence and other circumstances warrant more or less charges. Confirming the actual charges will help you better prepare, especially when it comes to recruiting legal assistance.

Always Be on Time and Plan Ahead

First impressions are everything, and you want the judge as well as other members of the court to see that you are taking the situation seriously. Be on time to all appointments, meetings, and arrangements, and practice your route beforehand if you have to. Above all, be sure to stay on top of your case’s schedule.

Reach Out to a Qualified CA Criminal Defense Attorney

Perhaps the most critical step of all: make sure you have the assistance of a qualified legal professional on your side. The attorney you pick can make a world of different, so do your research carefully and choose a lawyer that makes sense for the nature of your case.

We hope this post helped ease your nerves as your case approaches. Remember, we at the Jacot Law Firm are experienced with a wide variety of criminal law cases in CA, and offer free initial consultations. Call us today to schedule your appointment.