Driving Offenses Attorney in Stockton, CA

Some of the most common crimes are committed while driving a vehicle.  An ordinary person going about his business can, in a moment of distraction, suddenly find himself facing charges ranging in seriousness from a speeding ticket infraction to vehicular manslaughter or even murder. Penalties can include anything from losing a driver’s license, increased insurance rates, fines and fees, and  mandatory Department of Motor Vehicle courses, up to jail time or even a long prison sentence.

Attorney Lance Jacot has developed a very high level of specialized knowledge and expertise in the course of defending hundreds of cases involving motor vehicles, and is eminently qualified to represent you if you have been charged with a driving offense, including:

Contact DUI Attorney Lance Jacot if you have been accused of any driving related offenses in southern California, or the central valley.  The Jacot Law Firm is located in Stockton, CA.