An Overview of Extortion Laws in CA

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyHave you been accused of blackmailing or extorting someone? In California, extortion is a serious criminal offense, and anyone who is accused of this type of charge needs to get in touch with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Being accused of extortion is not something that should be taken lightly. While you wait to consult with a legal professional, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with extortion laws in CA. This post provides some general information you should know, though do keep in mind that for guided legal advice, we recommend that you reach out to us directly at the Jacot Law Firm.

What is Extortion Under California Law?

In a basic sense, extortion is the act of using force or intimidation in order to compel another person to give up property or money, or to coerce a public official into performing an official act. Typically, the extortion is accomplished via physical injury or threats to expose secrets, accuse someone of a crime, and more.

This means that extortion can apply to a wide variety of situations. This can include: someone demanding a ransom fee in exchange for a loved one’s safety, someone threatening to accuse an ex of rape if he/she doesn’t comply, and someone threatening to expose another person’s secrets if he/she moves forward with pressing charges.

Potential Defenses to Extortion

When someone is accused of extortion, there are a variety of defenses that may be used in court to help fight back against the charges. In many cases, the defendant is the actual victim of the extortion where the other party made true with his/her threats of false accusations. In other cases, there simply might not be enough evidence and the case boils down to “he said, she said.” Finally, the police might be relying on evidence that was obtained improperly or unlawfully, and uncovering this could get the case dismissed.

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