Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Jacot Law Firm offer free consultations?

Yes. Attorney Lance Jacot will offer any prospective clients a free initial consultation either in one of his offices or over the phone. Call toll-free at 1-209-463-1800 for an appointment to speak with him directly.

Why should I choose The Jacot Law Firm to represent me in my criminal case?

A successful outcome of your criminal case can be of the utmost importance to keeping everything from your job to your freedom or even your life. Attorney Lance Jacot is an expert in criminal law and procedurewith over ten years experience in California’s criminal justice system. He has successfully defended thousands of clients on a whole range of criminal charges, winning acquittals after trial in many cases of misdemeanors and felonies up to and including murder. He is dedicated to open communication, aggressive defense and hard working service to his clients, with their peace of mind at a stressful time always a primary concern. Legal representation can be expensive; you really want to get your money’s worth.

How does attorney Lance Jacot charge and how does that benefit me?

Lance Jacot charges a true retainer: a flat, all-inclusive fee (by cash or credit card) to handle your case from beginning to end. You know exactly how much your case will cost you right from the start. You do not have to worry about unforeseen charges or be concerned about hourly charges racking up every time you call with a question. With a flat fee, Mr. Jacot is able to better control his case load and dedicate the time and attention your case requires. You are paying not only for him to represent you, but for him to not take cases that would interfere with your representation.

Do I really need an attorney? My case seems simple; can I represent myself?

There’s a saying all law students are taught: “A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client,” because no matter how knowledgeable or intelligent someone is, emotional involvement will inevitably cloud his judgment. This is obviously a much bigger problem when the accused doesn’t have any legal training, knowledge or experience. Criminal cases are by their nature complex and the stakes can be so very high–the odds of “screwing up” your own case are too high for most people to risk . Attorney Lance Jacot will make sure that you are fully informed of all your rights, all the consequences of your case, and that you are defended zealously.

I or a loved one has been arrested. When should I hire an attorney?

Now–don’t wait. You need someone looking out for your best interests as soon as possible. Often a case hinges on quickly investigating the facts, and contacting the prosecuting agency right away. As soon as you contact The Jacot Law Firm, they will begin working on your case. A delay in seeking experienced and competent representation could cost you dearly.

Question: I have had a lawyer assigned to me from the Office of the Public Defender. Should I hire a private attorney?

Public defenders are some of the most qualified criminal defense attorneys in any community. However, there may be some drawbacks to being represented by a public defender because they are typically responsible for an overwhelming caseload and may have limited resources. Attorney Lance Jacot is able to provide the individualized attention your case needs and deserves since he does not take on more cases than he is able to handle at the highest professional level. When you call Mr. Jacot, he will either answer your call, or call you back at the earliest opportunity to discuss your concerns.

Being able to choose your own attorney can also be important–your comfort level with your lawyer in a criminal case is crucial to the ultimate success of your defense, so you may want to hire your own highly qualified private counsel rather than rely on a public defender assigned to you. Lance Jacot is not only qualified to handle the most serious cases in the criminal justice system–death penalty cases– but gives each client the personal attention which assures peace of mind at a difficult time. Don’t you deserve the best?

Should I hire an ex-deputy District Attorney to represent me?

This is really a personal judgment call. Having spent his entire professional career dedicated to keeping people out of jail rather than trying to put them in, if Mr. Jacot or someone close to him needed a criminal lawyer, he would want someone who has always been on the defense side. There tends to be a mindset among prosecutors which is, to say the least, not primarily concerned with the best interests of the defendant–that is the defense attorney’s responsibility. Though certainly many former DAs are able to shift gears when they change sides, it might be risky to count on it, especially when top-flight representation is readily available from career defense attorneys like Mr. Jacot. Because he has always been on the side of the accused, he is more willing to confront law enforcement and hold them to account, for example, than one who for years may have considered himself an ally of the police against the “criminal element.”

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