Abuse By Jailers: A Disturbing Trend Across the U. S.

Stockton Criminal DefensePeople who are incarcerated in California jails face an array of challenges and threats. Many inmates are subjected to abuse at the hands of other inmates and worse, at the hands of jailers themselves.

While jail isn’t meant to be fun, inmates should not have to endure abuse from those who are in a position of authority, or anyone else for that matter. This post offers a brief glimpse into a disturbing problem that has been reported not just in California, but across the entire nation as well.

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An Overview of Auto/Vehicle Theft Charges in CA

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyCar theft is a common occurrence in California, and people are routinely arrested for car theft charges across the state. There are also instances where someone is arrested after borrowing a car from a friend, or after renting a car and experiencing complications on their end or on the agency’s end. While uncommon, these situations do happen, which is why we believe that a familiarity with auto/vehicle theft charges is important.

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