Cannabis Delivery Services Facing Pressure from Local CA Governments

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyWhen recreational marijuana became legalized via Proposition 64, many counties and governments ensured that stipulations prohibiting cities and counties from controlling cannabis activities were included. Furthermore, many state municipalities banned any commercial cannabis activity, essentially keeping sales illegal within many parts of the state.

Known as “pot deserts,” these no-sale zones have become an area of concern for marijuana companies. They’re not seeing the growth seen in places like Oregon or Washington, likely due to these areas where sales of pot are banned. To combat this, Proposition 64 was modified in 2018 in order to allow marijuana delivery services that could take product to these pot deserts. With one move, this allowed marijuana companies to finally target these coveted areas where business can rapidly be expanded.

Counties Pushing Back on Marijuana Delivery in CA

Not surprisingly, this change has led to backlash from a variety of local counties and governments. They argue that the original law had prohibited sales in these parts of the state, and this ban should apply to delivery services as well.

As a result, 25 local governments have moved to sue the state in order to ensure that the original intention of Proposition 64 is not undermined. Counties involved in this lawsuit include Beverly Hills, Santa Cruz County, Agoura Hills, Riverside, San Pablo, Sonora, and more.

Want to Learn More About Cannabis Laws in CA?

It will be interesting to see where this lawsuit goes, as this case will serve as an early court test for Proposition 64. For now, remember that we at the Jacot Law Firm are here to answer any of your questions involving cannabis laws and any criminal matters involving drugs in CA.

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