You Can Still Be Arrested for Marijuana-Related Crimes in California

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyRecreational marijuana is fully legal in the state of California, making it one of the few states to decriminalize the consumption and ownership of this drug. What comes as a surprise to many however is the fact that marijuana could still lead to criminal charges. While marijuana itself might have been legalized, there are a variety of restrictions to be aware of. For this post, we’re looking at ways in which you could still be charged with marijuana-related crimes in CA.

Restrictions on Marijuana Transportation

One area that continues to prove tricky is the transportation or marijuana, especially because cities and counties might vary in their restrictions on marijuana transport and use. This means that some people have to drive out farther and stock up in advance, especially when it comes to medical use.

Those who are caught transporting more than the legal limit could face serious criminal charges, especially if they are not licensed to carry or consume marijuana. Worse yet, the police/DA could choose to pursue charges for intent to distribute, a serious crime that carries harsh penalties in CA.

Marijuana is Still Illegal at the Federal Level

In addition, marijuana is still an illegal substance at the federal level, as per the Controlled Substances Act. This law makes no distinction between recreational and medical users, and has previously been used to prosecute individuals who possess or grow large amounts or marijuana.

Talk to a Qualified Criminal Defense Attorney in California

Marijuana legalization is a fairly recent change, which means that many laws and regulations are still being adjusted. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean unexpected arrests and/or other run-ins with the law.

In these instances, it is imperative that you consult with a knowledgeable California criminal defense attorney, someone who can help you navigate these complex legal gray areas. Remember, we at the Jacot Law Firm are here to help. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our seasoned criminal defense attorneys.