Accused of a Crime in CA? Common Mistakes to Avoid

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyAt the Jacot Law Firm, we work tirelessly to defend our clients from a large array of criminal charges. Unfortunately, there are times where our clients make our jobs a little bit harder, especially because they say or do something that only helps the prosecution to secure a conviction.

For this post, we want to go over some of the most common mistakes that we see our clients commit during the lead-up to their case. As always, be sure to reach out to our office directly if you’d like to speak about this or any other criminal law related topic at depth.

Sharing too Much Information

People tend to run their mouth to friends, to family, and on social media, especially when it involves juicy “gossip” or drama. Few things are as dramatic as criminal charges, yet we insist that you fight all urges to share more than you need to. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors are more than happy to scour your social media for anything that can help their case, and the more you speak, the more likely you are to incriminate yourself.

To reiterate, avoid sharing any more information than you have to, especially when talking to law enforcement officials.

Hiring an Inexperienced or Inadequate Lawyer

Is your chosen attorney the right person for the job? Consider that person’s credentials, past experience, and overall track record in relation to your case. Don’t hire an attorney simply because they are “very good,” as an effective DWI attorney could end up being ineffectual at defending against other types of crimes, etc.

Demonstrating a Lack of Respect for the Court

Appearance and your overall demeanor matter a lot in court. Remember, you only get a small window of visibility to the judge and other key court figures, individuals whose decisions will impact your life significantly. Be sure to show the proper level of respect for the court, be on time, wear appropriate formal clothing, and demonstrate to everyone that you are taking this situation seriously.

Count on Our Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

We hope this post helps shed some insight into the things you should NOT do as your criminal case progresses through the courts of CA. To learn more, we invite you to call our experienced attorneys at the Jacot Law Firm. We offer free initial consultations, where you can take the time to learn about what we can do for you and your case.