Abuse By Jailers: A Disturbing Trend Across the U. S.

Stockton Criminal DefensePeople who are incarcerated in California jails face an array of challenges and threats. Many inmates are subjected to abuse at the hands of other inmates and worse, at the hands of jailers themselves.

While jail isn’t meant to be fun, inmates should not have to endure abuse from those who are in a position of authority, or anyone else for that matter. This post offers a brief glimpse into a disturbing problem that has been reported not just in California, but across the entire nation as well.

How Prevalent is this Problem?

When it comes to jailer-on-inmate abuse, it can be difficult to unearth statistics or prove these cases, especially when it’s an inmate’s word against an employee. Things get even more confusing when you consider that a lot of jailer abuse is perpetrated indirectly via other inmates. For example, there have been numerous reports of jailers refusing to act when inmate-on-inmate violence breaks out.

While there might not be precise stats, there were two recent high-profile cases of jailer abuse in California: one in Sacramento in 2017 involving jail officials beating on a mentaly-ill man, and another in 2019 in Alameda county where deputies had inmates spraying feces and urine on targeted individuals.

The fact that these cases are still happening in 2019 is alarming, and these are only the cases that we hear about and are successfully proven in court. Experts have estimated that the frequency of jailer abuse is much higher than what official figures suggest.

Were You Charged with a Crime in California?

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