Warn Your Teens: Sexting Carries Serious Legal Consequences in California

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyMany of us remember what it was like to be a teenager, as well as all the escapades that one often gets into at that age. Who can forget the sense of invincibility that we all get during that time? Of course, teens today are no different but there are a few notable differences that change the dynamic drastically for them. For example, teens today are more connected than ever, and the dominance of social media and cellphones in our daily lives carries new implications along with new potential risks.

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Remember, Road Rage is a Crime in California

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyAs everyone knows, driving in California can be a massive headache. One never really gets used to the nonstop congested traffic and the endless supply of inattentive, impatient drivers who clearly have no idea how to operate their vehicle. As frustrating as driving can be, it’s important that we try to reign in the anger and keep a cool head at all times.

In addition to increasing the chances of accidents, road rage exposes you to a variety of legal risks. After all, road rage is a criminal offense that can carry a variety of serious penalties and consequences, depending on the circumstances at hand. The specifics can vary on a case-by-case basis, but do note that aggressive driving and road rage are not the same thing.

Aggressive Driving vs Road Rage

Aggressive driving is a broad term that is used to describe reckless or dangerous driving behavior that could cause an accident. Speeding, swerving dangerously, and tailgating are all examples of aggressive driving. While these types of actions can be met with a citation or ticket, they are not considered to be criminal offenses. Aggressive driving is often the result of impatience rather than bad intent.

In contrast, road rage describes behavior that crosses a very specific line. Any intentional attempt to cause harm while driving is considered road rage. This includes actions that occur during the spur of the moment. Aggravators who engage in road rage in California can expect to deal with assault charges and other serious criminal offenses, especially in cases where another individual is hurt or injured.

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To sum, the line between aggressive driving and road rage is based on intent. While aggressive driving usually leads to a citation, actions that are meant to cause deliberate harm qualify as road rage and can lead to criminal charges.

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