Understanding Spousal Rape

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyYou may be aware of the type of rape that occurs when a stranger has sex with another person without his or her consent. But there’s another type of rape that’s equally as serious and involved people who actually know each other quite well. Spousal rape—also known as marital rape—is a real thing, and it’s illegal.

So what exactly constitutes spousal rape, and what can you do if you face accusations? Read on to read more about this little-known crime and how to protect your legal rights.

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Understanding the Factors That Affect Drug Possession Charges

Stockton Criminal Defense AttorneyNowadays, many Californians are unsure of drug laws. It seems as though laws are getting more lenient in some cases. After all, marijuana is now legal in the state for medical and personal use. What many people don’t know, however, is that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level.

When it comes to drug possession charges, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. They can be misdemeanors or felonies, but possession of heroin or cocaine is always a felony. Larger amounts of drugs mean more serious penalties. Your criminal history can be a factor as well.

As you can see, there are so many variables to consider. Read on to learn more about drug possession and what to do if you face charges.

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Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney

Stockton Criminal Defense AttorneyEven otherwise law-abiding people can get caught up in situations which put them on the wrong side of the law. When you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney with the knowledge, training and expertise necessary to mount a strong legal defense.

At the Jacot Law Firm, our Stockton criminal defense attorney provides experienced, professional legal representation for clients facing a variety of serious criminal charges.

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What to Know About Petty Theft and Why You Need Legal Representation

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyThere are two main types of theft: petty theft and grand theft. The main difference is that one is more serious than the other. Typically, petty theft refers to stolen property valued under $500, while grand theft refers to stolen property above that amount. While you may think of petty theft as just that—petty—the law takes it quite seriously. While California has classified petty theft as a misdemeanor, you could still face fines and jail time.

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Did The Police Officer Have Probable Cause?

Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney Getting pulled over for a traffic stop is a nerve racking experience. Even if you have nothing to hide, it is easy to be intimidated by law enforcement, and to forfeit your own rights in the face of their demands. Our Stockton criminal defense attorney urges you to be aware that while it is important for your safety to comply with the police and to follow their instructions when you are pulled over, the police are required to have probable cause in making a stop.

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