How Expungement Helps You As You Plan for Your Future

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyTo err is to be human, and mistakes are sometimes unavoidable. Unfortunately, mistakes that lead to a criminal record often carry far-reaching consequences that can impact an individual’s life for decades to come. Many think that fines, probation, and jail are the worst part about being convicted of a crime in California. Unfortunately, they are often in for a nasty surprise as the reality of their post-conviction life sets in.

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Bar Fights in California: Facts to Be Aware Of

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyIn California, there is one bar for every 12,159 individuals. When you account for the state’s total population, this translates to a whole lot of bars. This also means that bar fights are fairly frequent occurrences.

For this post, we thought it would be good to go over a few key facts that everyone should know about in regards to bar fights and criminal law in California. This summary will serve as a general and quick overview. For more thorough discussion and advice, we invite you to reach out the Jacot Law Firm directly at your earliest convenience.

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California DUI Law: The Legality of Drinking in a Parked Car

Stockton Criminal Defense AttorneyDUI stands for “driving under the influence,” which implies that the act of driving itself is required for someone to be charged with this type of crime. However, we at the Jacot Law Firm have seen our fair share of cases where simply being in or near a vehicle while under the influence has led to DUI charges in California. We are also often asked about the legality of consuming alcohol in a parked car, so we thought we’d dedicate this post to addressing these and other related issues.

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Legal Marijuana Possession Thresholds in 2018: How Much is Too Much?

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyNow that recreational pot is legal in California, cannabis enthusiasts all across the state have been stocking up for their personal consumption. This development means that individuals can partake in recreational marijuana usage without fear of getting into trouble with the law.

Like with other drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, there are limits and restrictions that consumers should be aware of. For example, you can’t just stockpile an entire year’s supply of pot at home. As this post explains, California has outlined strict possession limits for marijuana.

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Are Bars Liable for the Actions of Drunk Drivers?

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyIn California alone, drunk driving causes thousands of accidents on a yearly basis. A driver who chooses to drive places himself or herself and others at risk, and those who have been hurt in a drunk driving incident often pursue compensation via a civil lawsuit.

This type of all-too-common scenario begs the question: who can be held liable for the actions of a drunk driver that has hurt others in an accident? Does this liability extend to the bars, restaurants and venues that served this individual?

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