Breaking Down California Drug Schedules

Stockton Criminal DefenseDrug crimes in California are defined by a complex set of laws, and the penalties associated with a specific offense can vary depending on the type of drug or substance that it involves. California defines drugs and illegal substances via five categories, with each “lower” schedule involving a more dangerous and addictive substances alongside higher penalties and punishments.

This is a quick, general breakdown of drug schedules in California. For more specific information, be sure to reach out to us at the Jacot Law Firm.

Schedule I

This involves drugs that are deemed to be the most addictive and dangerous substances with little to no medical value. Substances in this category include heroin, marijuana, and LSD.

Schedule II

This schedule also include dangerous and addictive substances, although at a slightly lower level. These drugs can be potentially useful and includes oxycodone, Adderall, cocaine, as well as others.

Schedule III

Drugs in this category are recognized to have low or moderate risk of addiction and abuse and often have legitimate medical uses. Substances in Schedule III include steroids, Vicodin, and testosterone.

Schedule IV

These are drugs with fairly low potential for addiction and abuse that are routinely used for medical reasons, which includes Ambien, Valium, and Xanax.

Schedule V

Being at the bottom of the risk and danger spectrum, drugs here have legitimate medical value and carry the lowest risk of abuse or addiction. These include substances such as Tylenol, Lyrica, and Codeine,

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What A First Offense DUI Looks Like in California

Stockton Criminal Defense AttorneyFirst offense DUIs usually don’t lead to jail time, but this does not mean that they don’t carry significant ramifications. This is why, at the Jacot Law Firm, we work hard to minimize the costs and penalties for our clients when it comes to DUI offenses, particularly to those for whom this offense is their first one.

A first DUI offense is a misdemeanor in California, and upon conviction, drivers can expect to lose their license for a period of 6 months. Jail time is usually foregone in favor of probation, which can last anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Depending on the jurisdiction and specific circumstances of your case, it is possible that you might also have to install an Ignition Interlock Device.

Other penalties and fees for DUI first time offenses in California include:

  • Over $1000 in standard penalty assessments
  • Required enrollment in a 3 month DUI program (9 months if your BAC was 0.20%) or above
  • Additional DUI-specific fees and assessments up to $1,800

Needless to say, even a first time DUI offense carries significant ramifications, especially when you consider the fact that a conviction leaves you with a criminal record. This can further create additional complications and unexpected obstacles in your plans for the future.

If you or someone you know is facing a first time DUI offense, or any other type of criminal offense in California, know that we at the Jacot Law Firm can provide the legal assistance that you seek.

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Probation Violation in California: What To Expect

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyWhether your probation is formal or informal, you are expected to fully adhere to all of the terms and conditions set forth by the court in order to remain under probation and other court programs. Violating these terms, or violating any other law (including non-criminal offenses) places you at risk of probation violation, which is where additional penalties and restrictions can quickly stack up, and might even lead to your probation being revoked and replaced with the original jail time sentence you were facing.

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