Solicitation and Entrapment in California

Stockton Criminal Defense AttorneyEvery year, police departments across the state launch a variety of sting operations designed to catch and arrest people who are soliciting prostitutes. These operations often net a large number of arrests, but not every arrest leads to a conviction. As many criminal defense attorneys can attest, solicitation charges always warrant a second look, particularly if entrapment or other illegal actions on behalf of the police were a part of the arrest.

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Getting Pulled Over with a Gun in the Vehicle

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyIn California, as well as across the United States, people are allowed to own and carry guns as per the Second Amendment. However, this doesn’t mean that people are absolutely free to do whatever they please with firearms. There are laws and regulations that gun owners should familiarize themselves with, particularly when it comes to transporting a gun in a vehicle.

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Adult vs Juvenile Trials: Key Differences Worth Noting

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyAt the Jacot Law Firm, we are often asked about the differences between juvenile and adult criminal trials. It’s a reasonable question, as the lines can become blurred and rules vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For this post, we want to spend some time talking about juvenile trials, defining who falls under this classification, and providing an overview of how juvenile trials proceed.

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