Potential Defenses to a Criminal Drug Charge

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyDrug possession charges are serious offenses in California, and those who have been charged with this type of offense have a lot to lose if their arrest turns into a conviction. A single incident could easily derail your life for a long time, and could mean the loss of current and future job prospects, disqualification from various federal aid programs, and more. All this is on top of the criminal penalties associated with drug charges, which include potential jail time and steep fines.

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I Violated a Court Order in California, What Happens Next?

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyA court order is an official command, instruction, or ruling that requires a person to either do or abstain from certain actions. Not surprisingly, going against or disobeying a court order is a criminal act in the state of California. Known as contempt of court, those who knowingly violate a court order are subject to a variety of criminal penalties.

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What can Impact the Accuracy of a Breathalyzer?

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyAs the holidays approach, police departments across the state are gearing up for increased DUI arrests. They rely on a variety of different tools to enforce these laws, including a selection of different breathalyzers that offer instant BAC readings (which in turn creates court-admissible evidence for the prosecution).

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An Overview of California’s Sentence Enhancements Guidelines

Stockton Criminal Law AttorneyIn earlier posts, we’ve examined many of the set penalty guidelines that the California penal system has established for a variety of different crimes. Today, we’re looking at how, under specific circumstances, someone could face even harsher penalties via sentence enhancements.

In general, judges will always consider past criminal convictions and the nature of the crime itself along with established penalties. But when certain  aggravating factors are in play, this is when a judge can proceed to apply enhancements which lead to steeper penalties such as additional jail time, harsher fines, and more.

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